September 2008

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After watching US. President George W. Bush speech yesterday I wonder how the 700 billion dollars would be spent. He stated that this money will be needed to restore confidence in the market.  He also said, ""Without immediate action by Congress, America can slip into a major panic." Where is the $700 billion coming from?  From Taxpayers?  

We have about three (3) more months till December 31st, 2008. As we look back at my journey in photography, My wife and I are indeed grateful to God for his kindness, and for wonderful mentors he has surrounded us with. He has blessed us and we are extremely grateful. I just want to encourage some of my

We have switched to a new online photo-sharing and ordering cart system. We are still using Pictage but will be using our fully customized photo gallery cart, www.TunjiArt.com. This change will allow us to easily customize all our customers' picture galleries and fulfill orders in timely manner to meet our strict requirements such as

We started the day by checking in at the Palazo Las Vegas.  The Palazo was the setting for an early scene of Ocean's Thirteen movie.  The $1.8 billion hotel property design and theme is reflective of modern European luxury living. I found a graceful place in the room for my laptop. The bathroom is flattering and I won't miss any

Aby, a couple of friends and I traveled to Vegas for the weekend. We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. This hotel is awesome and we were able to see the 540ft tall replica of the Eiffel Tower right from our room. Later we went down to a restaurant in the hotel, Les Cafe. We walked about