September 2007

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I just finished designing an information packet for our biz. Its kinda neat and tidy and will be spotting a navy blueish color. My new 2008 wedding package is out. Part of the package will include a 20 x 30 huge canvas print and some other sweet and exiting services. Redesigning our portfolio website and

My aunt had her 50th pre-birthday celebration yesterday. The party incorporated the 1960s theme. 50 year old "Moms" or were dressed up in old school clothing. The music was old school, party like old school and the danced old school.We had a great time and I enjoyed shooting images. I was dancing and

Picture linked from dpreview.com As a Nikonian, I will be upgrading to the future and beyond with this new, intelligent, not so friendly, cool, nice, and super fast camera called, The D3. This is Nikon ever 12.1 mega-pixel full frame sensor camera and high ISO shooting camera. I see myself getting one by the end of